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May 8, 2014
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Net metering is a thing of the past. See how charge bliss can help you...


In Hawaii as of October 12, 2015, the Public Utilities Commission stopped net metering, an incredibly successful Hawaiian Electric policy driving solar adoption in our state. However, the decision made a few days prior has made Hawaii the only state with the dubious distinction of ending net metering. Some solar firms are fighting this decision tooth and nail, while others are reading between the lines from the PUC, and looking toward those new technologies being highlighted. Politics aside, this new reality of Hawaii PV has solar contractors scrambling and navigating the new methods of helping their would-be customers connect to the grid. These methods, described below, deviate from the one size fits all feel of previous interconnectivity. But homes and businesses who check the correct boxes are to be fast tracked to approval, hopefully ending the 6-12 month process previously.

„We are actively seeking a high quality PV and channel partners, so let's talk about how to augment and enhance your ability to quickly connect clients to the grid. ”


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